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Feditopia is an experimental page, with automated content from RSS feeds of Mastodon profiles. The purpose is to collect the most recent published in profiles related to the Fediverse, IndieWeb and WordPress, mainly. We understand that the future of WordPress is federated and we want to focus on the integration of the WordPress platform and the Fediverse.

We are developing the base file, so little by little the coverage of the contents will be broader. The content of this archive is reviewed frequently in order to ensure that the Feditopia feed is of the highest possible quality.

The «Important» tab is anchored to the «Flash News» and the «Important» sections.

The «Flash news» section features, embedded, the latest toot from a randomly selected author.

The «Important» section is the top conversation and is fed from Mastodon statuses specially selected to inform about the construction of the fediverse.

The «Latest» tab anchors with the «What’s Cooking at Mastodon» column.

The «What’s Cooking at Mastodon» column shows the most recent toots published by a selection of authors.

The «Technical Guide» tab leads to another page from where you will access the ebook «Mastodon: Blogpocket Technical Guide» that will be published in June 2023.

This project is experimental, it is in the development phase and can undergo frequent modifications, with improvements and correction of possible errors.

The design has been done exclusively with the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg) and using native blocks. To display the blog, a block from the Custom Query Blocks plugin is used. To show the content of the Mastodon states in the rest of the sections, PHP code is used. To embed the PHP code inside the WordPress editor you use the Insert PHP Code Snippet plugin (which converts PHP snippets to shortcodes) and the «Shortcode» block.

Any idea or suggestion will be welcome.

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