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Spread Mastodon: Join the movement, take back social

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Mastodon is on a mission to realize social media’s potential to bring us together.

Social media companies have earned huge profits by making us enraged and addicted. They make it hard to leave by keeping our social graph hostage. They serve investors and advertisers first, and then us eventually. Why should our online meeting places all be controlled by a few large companies that put us last?

Spread Mastodon was built by a small group of people who see this energy and want to help more people get involved. We’re not affiliated with Mastodon or any other social media platform; we’re doing this to Take Back Social.

This site was built by and, with help from many others.

This is now live – in early preview mode – full site launches in May!

Love to hear any thoughts, ideas and ways we all together build this movement to #TakeBackSocial

cc: @spreadmastodon @davidslifka

#Mastodon #Fediverse

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